Alex Triay Bagur
DPhil Student
College: Balliol
Location: Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Prior to joining the Department as a DPhil Student, Alex graduated with an MSc Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London, focusing on Medical Physics and Imaging. He had also worked as an Imaging Scientist at Perspectum, developing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) methods for the quantification of liver disease, producing multiple journal articles and a patent.

Alex’s research interests revolve around developing quantitative imaging biomarkers of the pancreas using MRI, including quantitative image reconstruction and automated image analysis. He has presented work on automated pancreas segmentation using deep learning, pancreas sub-segmentation, slice-to-volume registration, and pancreas morphometry. He works with large datasets such as the UK Biobank, and clinical datasets from various ongoing collaborations.

Biomedical Image Analysis