Alexander Gleed
DPhil Student
College: Balliol
Location: Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Alexander Gleed graduated from University of Surrey in 2019 and was awarded an MEng degree in Medical Engineering. He completed placements at DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction in 2017 as a test engineer in the Biomechanics Test Laboratory, Leeds, and as a research assistant in the Centre for Biomedical Engineering, University of Surrey in 2018. His work investigated finite element modelling of surgical tools. He was awarded an Engineering Leaders Scholarship from the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2017 following his work at DePuy Synthes. Alexander began studying for a DPhil under the supervision of Prof. Alison Noble in 2019, joining the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. His doctoral research investigates the use of simplified ultrasound scanning protocols combined with machine learning and image analysis to enable ultrasound use in low-to-middle income countries. His research collaborates with the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, Faridabad, India.

  • Medical Image Analysis
  • Computer Vision
  • Global Health

Biomedical Image Analysis

Engineering Leaders Scholar – Cohort 22