Fawad Jamshed
BSc DPhil MSc
Lead System and Software Engineer
Tel: 01865 617661
Location: Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Old Road Campus Research Building, Oxford OX3 7DQ

Dr Fawad Jamshed is a Lead System and Software Engineer. Before joining Engineering Sciences, he was working at the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM) and held an honorary contract with National Health Services (NHS). At NDM, Fawad collaborated on joint projects with Public Health England, Public Health Wales, Public Health Scotland and Oxford Nanopore Technologies on next generation public health care projects.

Prior to NDM, Fawad worked at Neurolex Group, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge and collaborated with Medical Research Council-Cognitive and brain science Unit (CBU) on a number of different projects including multivariate analysis of MEG, EEG data and causal connectivity of neuroimaging data. Find out more.

  • Evolutionary Computation Modelling
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Brain Mapping
  • Analysis of Multi-Modal Neuroimaging Big Data
  • Application of Machine Learning in Healthcare
  • High-Performance Computing (including clouds and conventional clusters)