Hamid Fehri
Postdoctoral Researcher
Location: Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Hamid is a postdoctoral research assistant in Rittscher’s group at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME), Department of Engineering Science and the Big Data Institute, Oxford University.

His research is focused on the applications of image analysis and machine learning tools to biomedical research. He has been involved in several research projects for diagnosis and staging of breast, liver and prostate cancers, using histology images along with information from other sources such as genetic data and metadata.

Prior to his postdoc at Oxford, Hamid has completed his PhD at Sheffield University jointly supervised by Alejandro F. Frangi and Simon A. Johnston on the Automatic Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Images to quantify the progression of infectious disease using zebrafish model of human immune system.

  • Computer vision and machine learning
  • Data visualisation and integration
  • Graph-based modelling and inference, and their applications to biomedical research.

Biomedical Image Analysis
Biomedical applications
Machine learning

  • Stanford Project: joint project between Robert West’s and Jens Rittscher’s groups focused on the diagnosis and subtype classification of breast cancer using histology images along with genetic data.
  • Multiplexing project: Collaboration with Dr. Richard Bryant and Dr. Ian Mills to quantify the effect of chemotherapy on prostate cancer treatment.

  • Medical Image Analysis Network (MedIAN) fellowship, “Constrained Cell Analysis Using Mixture Density Networks”, Oxford University, January 2019, (26,244 GBP)
  • University of Sheffield PhD scholarship, “Automatic segmentation of different types of cells in Fluorescence Microscopy Images”, January 2015, (45000 GBP)
  • Short Time Scientific Missions (STSM), COST Action CA15124, Segmentation and Interpretation of Cells in Fluorescent Microscopy Images, Network of European Bioimage Analysis (NEUBIAS) (2200 EUR, January-March 2017)