Hyunhong (James) Min
DPhil Student
Location: Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Before joining BUBBL lab, Hyun has worked as a formulation scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. He started his career in Daewoong pharmaceuticals, where he had worked on dry powder inhaler and oral minitablet development and scale-ups. He then joined LG Chem and formulated Phase I, II, and III clinical trial products. During his time at LG, he had produced and reviewed several FDA IND documents for Phase I and II clinical trials, and wrote 2 patents.

He enjoys walking in Port Meadow. His two main interests are biotech valuations/investments and healthy eating.

Current inhalers in the market have trouble delivering a consistent amount of drugs to the lungs. The inter-subject variability is mainly due to variation in inhalation flow rate and lung morphology. Another limitation of the inhalers is that they do not target specific regions of the lungs. For instance, a tiny amount of drugs are delivered to the small conducting airways where it is most needed. His project aims to develop an inhaler that improves flow-rate dependence and targets different regions of the lungs in need.


Cerebral Haemodynamics Group

Lung drug targeting.