Mayue Shi
Postdoctoral Researcher
Site: Churchill Hospital & Old Road Campus
Research Building: Old Road Campus Research Building

Dr Mayue Shi is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering. He completed his PhD studies in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London, preceded by obtaining his Master’s degree from Peking University.

Throughout his research career, he has been focused on the development of flexible electronics and data processing techniques tailored for healthcare and robotic applications. In the initial stages of his research, his work with MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) has laid a robust designing and manufacturing foundation for his pursuits in advancing flexible electronics. He has innovated self-powered sensing methods and developed wireless healthcare monitoring systems, earning international acclaim for their ingenuity and effectiveness. These contributions have also charted new pathways in the realm of practical wearable technologies for health monitoring and robotic sensing.

During his PhD, he focused on developing flexible piezoelectric sensors, including thorough designs for both the sensors and their interfacing circuits, aimed at achieving both high sensitivity and energy autonomy in healthcare and industrial applications. A highlight of his work was an investigation into an novel wind sensor utilising flow-induced vibration, which not only enhanced energy conversion efficiency but also introduced a pivotal modification to the classic galloping model, providing a effective explanation for frequency shifts observed.

His postdoctoral research encompasses a distinctive blend of expertise in the creation of intelligent biomedical devices, such as intelligent flexible sensors for healthcare, alongside a deep involvement of clinical healthcare practices. His work also encompasses the development of digital platform for telemedicine, and the implementation of AI-driven data processing techniques for clinical and robotic purposes. With substantial expertise spanning both the hardware and software facets of digital health, Dr Shi is dedicated to effectively bridge the gap between cutting-edge engineering innovations and tangible healthcare applications.

His current research interests encompass the broad field of digital health, flexible electronics and soft robotics. He is committed to the application of advanced manufacturing and digital technologies in intelligent healthcare devices inspired by human and applied for human.

Biomedical Signal Processing & Machine Learning Group

  • Outstanding Paper Awards in Years 2021 and 2022, Microsystems & Nanoengineering, Springer Nature, 2023
    “A comparative review of artificial muscles for microsystem applications”, 1st author.
  • Outstanding Paper Award: PowerMEMS2018, Daytona Beach, USA, 2018
    “Energy harvesting piezoelectric wind speed sensor”, 1st author.
  • People’s Choice Award: Imperial College PhD Summer Showcase Poster Competition, London, UK, 2018
    “Miniature wind energy harvester based on flow-induced vibration”, public voting 1st/72.
  • ACS Editors’ Choice: American Chemical Society, 2016
    “Self-Powered Analogue Smart Skin”, 1st author.

Dr Shi has been awarded the Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) in recognition of his expertise and professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education.

  • Instructor, B18 Biomedical Modelling and Monitoring, Wearable Technology Laboratory