Odhran O'Donoghue
DPhil Student
College: Green Templeton
Location: Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Odhran O’Donoghue is a DPhil Student at Green Templeton College. His research will focus on the application of machine learning methods for monitoring the spread of pathogens in secondary care. He has previously worked on the application of AI for fake news detection, detecting biases in recruitment systems, and satellite systems.

Odhran is president of the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Society. The society is the largest student AI society in the United Kingdom; its mission is to ensure that AI works for the benefit of everyone and that anyone can learn about AI. The society hosts lectures, training events, career engagement opportunities, and many other activities that aim to improve the awareness of AI and representation in the AI workforce.

Odhran previously studied medicine at Wadham College, before deferring his clinical studies to undertake his DPhil. As a medical student, he was the UK’s youngest National Health Service Clinical Entrepreneur. Odhran routinely works on projects involving the application of emerging technologies to public services: he is a co-founder of SkillsTree, an education technology startup to help individuals find skills that will improve their employment prospects locally. SkillsTree won the UK finals of the 2018 United Nations Hult Prize in social entrepreneurship and has now received grant funding from Nesta and the UK Department for Education.

Machine Learning for monitoring pathogen spread in secondary care.

Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation