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Tissue Engineering facilities


The Oxford Centre for Tissue Engineering and Bioprocessing (OCTEB) has an extensive and well provisioned laboratory with a large general purpose open area for project work. In addition, five separate dedicated laboratory rooms reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of the work being undertaken within the centre:

  • A tissue culture facility
  • A fabrication and characterization suite
  • An electrospinning and electrospraying facility
  • A dedicated multi-photon microscope facility
  • A further microscopy and electrophysiology suite

The characterization and bioprocessing suite house a diverse set of equipment required for tailoring and investigating biomaterial products used in tissue culture, including a state of the art FTIR microscope, a rotary PCR machine, inverted and binocular microscopes, fluorescence and transmitted-light plate readers, HPLC, protein purification equipment, osmometers, and oxygen plasma chamber and a controlled rate freezer (+20°C to -80C°). Also within the characterization and processing suite is our 3D printing facility. Highly customizable 3D printers are being developed to print biological polymers and cells as well as being able to print conventional materials such as Poly(lactic acid) and ABS.