September 22, 2023

IBME researchers have been awarded a major grant to support a new UK Neurotechnology Network.

The initiative, funded by EPSRC and MRC, is to support responsible innovation and capacity building for neurotechnologies across the UK. The Chronic Pain Neurotechnology Network is one of 5 networks funded, and aims to drive forward a UK strategy for advancing pain neurotechnology

IBME’s Professor Ben Seymour, who is leading the network with colleagues in Cardiff, Exeter and Glasgow, says, “Chronic pain is one of the great unmet needs in medicine. Affecting over 20% of the population, it is the leading global cause of disability with an economic burden estimated at $4 trillion. The potential for neurotechnology is vast, and recent advances in our understanding have reached a turning point, meaning we are now at the cusp of designing technology with a major impact. The UK is ideally placed to play a leading role”.

The network is supporting a range of activities, including a free online lecture course (fully accredited), a series of technical workshops, funding schemes, networking opportunities, feasibility studies, public engagement, and policy frameworks.

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