Industrial collaborations

The IBME has a strong record of engagement with industry. Links with industry include with major OEMs (including Philips, Siemens, GE Healthcare, Vodafone, China Mobile, Celsion corporation, Chongquin Haifu, China Regeneration Medicine International), and SMEs in the Oxfordshire region. The Oxfordshire biotech cluster is one of the largest and fastest growing in the UK, and the IBME is both an academic partner in its development in its own right, but also as a provider of technologies that are licensed to companies, and highly skilled biomedical engineers for its workforce. The IBME is a member of the Oxfordshire Biosciences Network and the newly formed Academic Health Sciences Network.

We always welcome to hear of new opportunities to engage with current and new industry partners. Various ways in which industry can engage include by:

  • Attending IBME seminars and events open to industry
  • Speaking at IBME events
  • Sponsoring research, doctoral research students or joint collaborations
  • Offering internships to students during or on completion of their doctoral research (with agreement from the supervisor for the former)
  • Offering consultancies to faculty, postdoctoral researchers or students (which are typically arranged through Oxford University Consulting)
  • Offering market research projects to CDT postgraduate research students
  • Recruiting graduates of the Institute

Please contact if you wish to join our industry partners mailing list.