Victor Choi
DPhil Student
College: St. Catherine's College
Location: institute of Biomedical Engineering

Victor Choi is a DPhil (PhD) candidate at the University of Oxford. He received his MPharm in Pharmacy from University College London, focusing on hospital patient care and pharmacoepidemiology. Victor has also worked extensively on sonodynamic therapy (SDT) at the University of Toronto.

He is currently completing his doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Eleanor Stride and Dr. Dario Carugo within the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. His research focuses on developing new ultrasound-sensitive antimicrobial biomaterials for antibiofilm theranostics.

Victor is particularly interested in clinically translatable technologies to treat a diverse range of human diseases. Particularly, his research centers around utilising clinical ultrasound as a therapeutic tool to generate bioeffects in a safe, minimally invasive, controlled, and targeted manner. Specifically, his DPhil evaluates: Ultrasound/Biofilm mechanistic interactions and dynamics; Loading of antimicrobials in acoustic cavitation nuclei; and Asessment of novel antimicrobials in clinical biofilm infections.

Ultimately, his work seeks to develop a paradigm-changing antimicrobial platform to simultaneously bypass the exopolysaccharide matrix and deliver efficacious, synergistic agent-mediated bactericidal therapy to polymicrobial biofilms, with the goal of treating pleural infections, UTIs, chronic wounds, and all other biofilom-associated disease states.


  • Beyond Antibiotics
  • Developing new ultrasound-sensitive antimicrobial therapeutics for antibiofilm theranostics