Christopher Proctor
Associate Professor in Bioelectronics
Tutorial Fellow at Keble College
Electronics with shape actuation for minimally invasive spinal cord stimulation
Woodington BJ,  Curto VF,  Yu Y-L,  Martínez-Domínguez H,  Coles L,  Malliaras GG,  Proctor CM,  Barone DG,  et al. (2022)
X-ray markers for thin film implants
Woodington BJ,  Coles L,  Rochford AE,  Freeman P,  Sawiak S,  O’Neill SJK,  Scherman OA,  Barone DG,  Proctor CM,  Malliaras GG,  et al. (2022)
Fluidic enabled bioelectronic implants: opportunities and challenges
Coles L,  Oluwasanya P,  Karam N,  Proctor C,  et al. (2022)
Introduction to Bioelectronics
Stavrinidou E,  Proctor C,  et al. (2022)
Announcing the new Materials Horizons Community Board
Amanchukwu C,  Anastasaki A,  Arno MC,  Brugge R,  Chen M,  Cheng P,  Cui H,  Duan X,  Fakharuddin A,  Gieseking R,  others ,  et al. (2021)
Polymers/PEDOT Derivatives for Bioelectronics
Donahue MJ,  Proctor CM,  Strakosas X,  et al. (2021)
Reducing passive drug diffusion from electrophoretic drug delivery devices through co-ion engineering
Chen S-T,  Renny MN,  C. Tomé L,  Olmedo-Martínez JL,  Udabe E,  Jenkins EPW,  Mecerreyes D,  Malliaras GG,  McLeod RR,  Proctor CM,  et al. (2021)
Ionic hydrogel for accelerated dopamine delivery via retrodialysis
Proctor CM,  Chan CY,  Porcarelli L,  Udabe E,  Sanchez-Sanchez A,  Del Agua I,  Mecerreyes D,  Malliaras GG,  et al. (2020)
Materials and Device Considerations in Electrophoretic Drug Delivery Devices
Chen S-T,  Proctor CM,  Malliaras GG,  et al. (2020)
An electrocorticography device with an integrated microfluidic ion pump for simultaneous neural recording and electrophoretic drug delivery in vivo
Proctor CM,  Uguz I,  Slezia A,  Curto V,  Inal S,  Williamson A,  Malliaras GG,  et al. (2019)
Horizons Community Board Collection–Nanobiomedicine
Dixit CK,  Proctor CM,  et al. (2019)
Materials Horizons
Dixit CK,  Proctor CM,  Chen Y,  Lam JWY,  Kwok RTK,  Liu B,  Tang BZ,  et al. (2019)
Electrophoretic delivery of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) into epileptic focus prevents seizures in mice
Slezia A,  Proctor CM,  Kaszas A,  Malliaras GG,  Williamson A,  et al. (2019)
Monitoring intrinsic optical signals in brain tissue with organic photodetectors
Rezaei-Mazinani S,  Ivanov AI,  Proctor CM,  Gkoupidenis P,  Bernard C,  Malliaras GG,  Ismailova E,  et al. (2018)
Electrophoretic drug delivery for seizure control
Proctor CM,  Slézia A,  Kaszas A,  Ghestem A,  Del Agua I,  Pappa A-M,  Bernard C,  Williamson A,  Malliaras GG,  et al. (2018)
Balance Between Light Absorption and Recombination Losses in Solution-Processed Small Molecule Solar Cells with Normal or Inverted Structures
Brus VV,  Lee HK,  Proctor CM,  Ford M,  Liu X,  Burgers MA,  Lee J,  Bazan GC,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2018)
NeuroRoots, a bio-inspired, seamless Brain Machine Interface device for long-term recording
Ferro MD,  Proctor CM,  Gonzalez A,  Zhao E,  Slezia A,  Pas J,  Dijk G,  Donahue MJ,  Williamson A,  Malliaras GG,  others ,  et al. (2018)
A microfluidic ion pump for in vivo drug delivery
Uguz I,  Proctor CM,  Curto VF,  Pappa A-M,  Donahue MJ,  Ferro M,  Owens RM,  Khodagholy D,  Inal S,  Malliaras GG,  et al. (2017)
Understanding Open-Circuit Voltage Loss through the Density of States in Organic Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Collins SD,  Proctor CM,  Ran NA,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2016)
Understanding volumetric capacitance in conducting polymers
Proctor CM,  Rivnay J,  Malliaras GG,  et al. (2016)
Capacitance spectroscopy for quantifying recombination losses in nonfullerene small-molecule bulk heterojunction solar cells
Brus VV,  Proctor CM,  Ran NA,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2016)
Understanding charge transport in molecular blend films in terms of structural order and connectivity of conductive pathways
Proctor CM,  Kher AS,  Love JA,  Huang Y,  Sharenko A,  Bazan GC,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2016)
Mechanical properties of solution-processed small-molecule semiconductor films
Rodriquez D,  Savagatrup S,  Valle E,  Proctor CM,  McDowell C,  Bazan GC,  Nguyen T-Q,  Lipomi DJ,  et al. (2016)
Orientation selectivity with organic photodetectors and an organic electrochemical transistor
Gkoupidenis P,  Rezaei-Mazinani S,  Proctor CM,  Ismailova E,  Malliaras GG,  et al. (2016)
Importance of Domain Purity and Molecular Packing in Efficient Solution-Processed Small-Molecule Solar Cells
Mukherjee S,  Proctor CM,  Tumbleston JR,  Bazan GC,  Nguyen T-Q,  Ade H,  et al. (2015)
Effect of leakage current and shunt resistance on the light intensity dependence of organic solar cells
Proctor CM,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2015)
Significance of Average Domain Purity and Mixed Domains on the Photovoltaic Performance of High-Efficiency Solution-Processed Small-Molecule BHJ Solar Cells
Mukherjee S,  Proctor CM,  Bazan GC,  Nguyen T-Q,  Ade H,  et al. (2015)
Loss Mechanisms in Solution-Processed Small Molecule Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Proctor CM,  et al. (2015)
Enhancement of the Photoresponse in Organic Field-Effect Transistors by Incorporating Thin DNA Layers
Zhang Y,  Wang M,  Collins SD,  Zhou H,  Phan H,  Proctor C,  Mikhailovsky A,  Wudl F,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2014)
Effect of structural variation on photovoltaic characteristics of phenyl substituted diketopyrrolopyrroles
Lin JDA,  Liu J,  Kim C,  Tamayo AB,  Proctor CM,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2014)
Overcoming Geminate Recombination and Enhancing Extraction in Solution-Processed Small Molecule Solar Cells
Proctor CM,  Albrecht S,  Kuik M,  Neher D,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2014)
Effect of copper metalation of tetrabenzoporphyrin donor material on organic solar cell performance
Guide M,  Lin JDA,  Proctor CM,  Chen J,  García-Cervera C,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2014)
Mobility Guidelines for High Fill Factor Solution-Processed Small Molecule Solar Cells
Proctor CM,  Love JA,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2014)
Competitive absorption and inefficient exciton harvesting: lessons learned from bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics utilizing the polymer acceptor P (NDI2OD-T2)
Li Z,  Lin JDA,  Phan H,  Sharenko A,  Proctor CM,  Zalar P,  Chen Z,  Facchetti A,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2014)
Understanding the Charge-Transfer State and Singlet Exciton Emission from Solution-Processed Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells
Ran NA,  Kuik M,  Love JA,  Proctor CM,  Nagao I,  Bazan GC,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2014)
Optimization of energy levels by molecular design: evaluation of bis-diketopyrrolopyrrole molecular donor materials for bulk heterojunction solar cells
Walker B,  Liu J,  Kim C,  Welch GC,  Park JK,  Lin J,  Zalar P,  Proctor CM,  Seo JH,  Bazan GC,  others ,  et al. (2013)
Nongeminate Recombination and Charge Transport Limitations in Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Solution-Processed Small Molecule Solar Cells
Proctor CM,  Kim C,  Neher D,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2013)
A High-Performing Solution-Processed Small Molecule: Perylene Diimide Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell
Sharenko A,  Proctor CM,  van der Poll TS,  Henson ZB,  Nguyen T-Q,  Bazan GC,  et al. (2013)
Film Morphology of High Efficiency Solution-Processed Small-Molecule Solar Cells
Love JA,  Proctor CM,  Liu J,  Takacs CJ,  Sharenko A,  Van Der Poll TS,  Heeger AJ,  Bazan GC,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2013)
Tri-Diketopyrrolopyrrole Molecular Donor Materials for High-Performance Solution-Processed Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Liu J,  Sun Y,  Moonsin P,  Kuik M,  Proctor CM,  Lin J,  Hsu BB,  Promarak V,  Heeger AJ,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2013)
Charge carrier recombination in organic solar cells
Proctor CM,  Kuik M,  Nguyen T-Q,  et al. (2013)
Medical device
Proctor C,  Barone DG,  Curto V,  Woodington B,  Malliaras G,  et al. ()