Michael Gray
Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Therapeutic Ultrasound
Tel: 01865 617692
Location: Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Marcela Botnar Wing, Oxford OX3 7LD

Dr. Michael Gray is a Senior Researcher in Clinical Therapeutic Ultrasound. He joined the BUBBL group in September 2015 as the lead engineer on a Phase-1 clinical trial of ultrasound-mediated targeted drug delivery for treatment of liver cancer.

Over the preceding 23 years, he was a research engineer and principal investigator at Georgia Tech, working in research areas including submarine sonar, cetacean soft tissue characterization, photoacoustics, fish hearing, and non-destructive structural evaluation.

Michael’s research focuses on three areas:

  1. Early phase clinical trials of ultrasound-mediated drug delivery for treatment of abdominal organ cancers
  2. Clinical translation of quantitative cavitation monitoring techniques for non-invasive treatment guidance, and
  3. Development of devices to enable the use of sound, magnetism, and light for targeted drug delivery.

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